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Renting out your property, with peace of mind? This is possible with Inter Immo

Your house is a precious property. If you decide to rent it out, you do not want to have to worry. As an expert in rental properties, your house is in trusted hands. We have been using a strict rental policy for years, so we can proudly say that every house is leased successfully and without problems. Curious about what we can do for you?

Safely renting out your property via Inter Immo

When renting out your home, there are many problems and discussion points. And that’s not out of the ordinary. There are two parties with their own requirements and expectations. If you want to rent out your house securely, then there is a lot to look at. Why not use a professional and experienced real estate agent?

A sales broker who makes sure your home is presented professionally, is guaranteed to find a reliable tenant through his international network and is familiar with rental laws. In case of problems they can act as a contact point and perform inspections. And that ensures that your property is continuously occupied. Basically, a broker who takes care of everything for you. So you can rent your house with peace of mind. How great is that?

Our expertise in expat rentals

As an experienced rental property agency in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Almere, Hilversum, Het Gooi and Lelystad we have been using our international network for years for the rental market. We present the property to both Dutch tenants and expats.
Expats are generally highly educated people who temporarily live and work abroad for an international organisation. For example, there are many expats every year in the Netherlands. Most of them are looking for a property in or near our capital city of Amsterdam. An attractive target group for you to rent out your home.

Our method

Do you have a house available for rent? Or is your house for sale and you want to rent it out temporarily? Then we can get started for you! We work as follows:

  • We assess the property and discuss the rental possibilities;
  • Based on the quality and size of the property we propose a competitive rental price;
  • We make professional photos of the property for promotional activities;
  • We offer the property through our network;
  • With potential tenants, we perform a screening to assess reliability;
  • Once a suitable tenant has been found we set up a rental agreement;
  • We take care of the transfer;
  • At the start of the rental period we will prepare an inspection report;
  • We collect the first month’s rent and the deposit;
  • We conduct interim inspections;
  • We deal with any complaints from the landlord;
  • We ensure continuous occupation.

Customised service

Would you like to enlist our help but you do not wish to use all the services described above? That’s fine. You can also choose to use us for, for example, finding a tenant, or negotiating a rental agreement. We would like to tell you more about it.

Contact us to rent out your property

Inter Immo will gladly help you rent out your property in a quick and secure manner. We mediate in semi-furnished and furnished properties. Do you own a property that is available to rent for a period of at least six months? Or is your property for sale and you’d like to rent it out temporarily? Then contact us. We will gladly explain how we can help you with our services.

Are you interested in renting out a property via Inter Immo?