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Real Estate Agent Amsterdam, for selling your property

Inter Immo has been the go-to real estate agent in Amsterdam for over 25 years. Looking to sell your house or apartment? You can count on us as your committed and experienced partner who ensures the best-selling price and conditions. A real estate agency that knows the rules and complexities. It’s no wonder that over 10,000 homeowners have opted for us. Want to get to know us? Feel free to call. No cure, no pay!

Verkoopmakelaar amsterdam

Real Estate Agent Amsterdam: 3 advantages


Property sold within 4 weeks

We sell 99% of our homes in 4 weeks due to our enormous network and strategy

Favourable selling price and conditions

With 25 years of knowledge, there is no other option: the highest sales price and the most favorable conditions.

Transparent and reliable

Honest and personal communication. We are known as the most reliable real estate agent.

Your real estate agent in Amsterdam that delivers results

Any real estate agent in Amsterdam can sell a house under the current market conditions. But achieving the highest price and most favourable conditions, that’s what sets us apart. Thanks to our unique bidding strategy, we’ve been delivering real results for over 25 years. Want to know more or need free tailored advice? Feel free to call us.

Ask your question here, we will contact you in 24 hours.

    Why hire a real estate agent in Amsterdam? 10 advantages of Inter Immo:

    Verkoopmakelaar Amsterdam - gratis waardebepaling

    What is my house or apartment in Amsterdam worth?

    Free valuation

    To give you a realistic idea of the expected selling price, selling period, and selling strategy, we always start with a free valuation. This gives you immediate insight into what to expect. Schedule a free appointment today, and you’ll receive your free valuation within 24 hours! Our VBO certified agents are happy to help.

    3 benefits of your real estate agent in Amsterdam​

    1. 25+ years of experience in Amsterdam

    Your real estate agent in Amsterdam knows the market like no other. After 25+ years of experience and helping over 10,000 customers, our knowledge is invaluable during each selling process. We can provide golden tips for maximum profit. There’s a reason why our clients rate us a 9.6/10. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us.

    Verkoopmakelaar Amsterdam
    huis verkopen in amsterdam - lokale kennis

    3 benefits of your real estate agent in Amsterdam​

    2. Local knowledge in Amsterdam

    Our local knowledge and network in Amsterdam always ensure the best deals. We know every street and neighbourhood. We have the expertise to achieve the best conditions and selling price. High involvement, decisiveness, local knowledge, and attention to detail are crucial. Need free tailored advice on your house or apartment in Amsterdam?

    3 benefits of your real estate agent in Amsterdam​

    3. Personal approach to selling your house

    It’s important that you feel comfortable with your agent. We also value our customer relationships. That’s why we always start with an introduction. This personal contact is reflected throughout the process. Committed, quick, and transparent, leading to the best results. We guide you from A to Z: from viewings and appraisals to the notary and key handover.

    Huis verkopen met persoonlijke benadering

    "We go the extra mile with a smile, so everyone experiences the value of living. For some, it's a new home, for others, the security of a pension in bricks."

    Martin, real estate agent
    klant aan het woord - Maaike

    "Extremely well guided by Paulina during the sale of our home. During an intense process for us, Paulina was very human and we felt anything but a customer. She really cared or us. Moreover, she is really good at preparing and selling a home. She understands her profession! Inter Immo has also mediated for a rental property." ​


    Do you have questions about selling your property in Amsterdam?

    Ask your question here, we will contact you within 24 hours

      Woning verkopen en terughuren Amsterdam

      Sell your house and rent a property back

      It’s a favourable time for homeowners wanting to sell their house. But where will you live after the sale? Through Inter Immo, you can (temporarily) rent a house after selling. Is your new dream home not ready yet? Then you can rent a house through us as well!

      Ik wil mijn huis / appartement in Amsterdam verkopen.

      Selling your property in 5 steps

      It’s always good to know what to expect. No surprises. That’s why we’ve outlined our process in 5 steps. Read about our approach here.

      real estate agent amsterdam

      Do you have questions? Ask your real estate agent in Amsterdam.

      Frueqently asked questions about selling your house.

      Inter Immo is a VBO certified real estate agents.
      The Dutch VBO is an association of real estate agents and appraisers. This organisation represents the interests of over 1,400 affiliated real estate agents, appraisers, and rental brokers. Established in 1985, the VBO aims to facilitate the daily work of its members and enhance their position through advice, education, and a range of products and services.

      Want to know more about VBO? Read here about VBO explained.

      No tax has to be paid on the profit from the sale of your house.

      Yes, when renting out your house or apartment in Amsterdam, you will have a consistent point of contact. We value personal contact and involvement. A single person who knows all the ins and outs of your wishes and property ensures clear communication and minimal confusion.

      No, it’s not necessary (but you may if you wish). In fact, it’s often even better not to be present. This way, potential buyers truly get the chance to feel “at home” and make a judgment. It’s usually the small details that make a difference and are decisive.

      Your Inter Immo Real estate agent in Amsterdam  will translate all communications so that everything is clear and transparent for you. The contract will also be translated. You can only agree if you are aware of the content. We will, of course, take this into account.

      Inter Immo comprises a powerful team focused on successful promotion and sales. Our professionals ensure your property stands out among thousands of others.

      You’ll be featured on major Dutch sales websites like Funda. And not just listed, but showcased perfectly! This includes captivating professional photos, flawless texts, and other fine details.

      Additionally, we conduct email marketing campaigns reaching a broad audience in Amsterdam. We also utilise social media to spotlight your house or apartment in Amsterdam effectively. Lastly, we create impressive brochures of your home to distribute to potential buyers.