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Rental real estate agent in Amsterdam, for renting out your home

Looking for a VBO-certified rental agent in Amsterdam to rent out your house or apartment? Inter Immo has been achieving results for 25 years! We will find a reliable tenant within just two weeks. Wish to rental to locals or expats? We provide both options. For maximum return and the best service, you’ve come to the right place. Our customers rate us a 9.6/10.
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Your rental agent in Amsterdam ensures safe and quick rental


100% guarantee on reliable tenants

Through extensive screenings and inspections, we guarantee hassle-free rental with reliable tenants.

Your house rented out in just 2 weeks

With a network of over 3,000 candidates, we have been successfully renting properties within 2 weeks.


Maximum rental income

Our knowledge of 25+ years of the Amsterdam housing market and expertise ensure maximum returns.

VBO rental agent in Amsterdam delivers results

Inter Immo is your certified VBO rental agent in Amsterdam. Count on us for quality and the best service. Our expertise unmatched elsewhere. That’s why we’re rated a 9.6/10 by our customers. Experience our expertise for yourself. Feel free to schedule an appointment or ask any question.

Ask your question here, we will contact you within 24 hours

    Why hire a rental agent in Amsterdam? 10 advantages of Inter Immo's rental agent:

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    4 advantages of your rental agent in Amsterdam

    1. We find a tenant in 2 weeks

    Thanks to our effective approach, we are able to rent out 98% of properties in just 2 weeks. A unique combination of a wide network, the right strategy, and pure experience. We always fulfil our promise. That’s why we work with an Inter Immo guarantee. Feel free to make a non-binding appointment with your agent.
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    4 advantages of your rental agent in Amsterdam​

    2. Safe rental is invaluable

    Your house is a precious asset that you don’t just hand over to anyone. We understand that like no other. Therefore, we do everything to ensure safety. For example, through extensive screenings and high demands on tenants. We also remain closely involved during the rental period to ensure safety.
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    4 advantages of your rental agent in Amsterdam​​

    3. Maximum rental return

    What is your house or apartment in Amsterdam worth for rent? And how can you extract even more value from your property? Inter Immo assists you with these questions. A true knowledge partner that has been ensuring maximum returns for 25 years. Customer rating: 9.6/10.

    maximum rental terun

    4 advantages of your rental agent in Amsterdam​​​

    4. Spotlight on your property

    We make sure your house or apartment in Amsterdam stands out. Among all other properties, yours will be noticed first by potential tenants. We use the largest Dutch rental websites such as Funda and Pararius to promote your property. We also take professional photographs. Moreover, we leverage our network of 3,000 potential tenant. In short, we can quickly find the right match. 

    Our approach: provide the same level of service that we would expect ourselves. Friendly, accessible, and clear. With a clear goal in mind: achieving results.”

    Martin, rental agent
    Testimonial van Paul
    “Five years ago I rented out my apartment in Amsterdam Noord for the first time through Inter Immo. Since then, it has been rented out more often through Martin. I am satisfied every year!”
    Verhuurder Janine
    “I wanted to buy a house to rent out. Inter immo guided me with buying an apartment and renting it out. I'm lucky. Nice tenants and good guidance." Special thanks to Martin!"
    testimonial van Jessie Verhuurder
    "I wanted to rent out my apartment in IJburg because I was going to live together with my boyfriend. I had a great experience with Inter immo. They have found the ideal tenant and are still there for me when needed.”

    Renting to expats in Amsterdam

    Want to rent your house or apartment in Amsterdam to expats? Smart choice, as Amsterdam is a popular city among expats. Renting to expats has many benefits. It’s a safe and profitable way of renting. The rental is temporary, and oftentimes the employer guarantees or partially pays the rent. Expats usually have more to spend on housing. With Inter Immo, you can opt for expat rental. We have many expats in our network. Some of our international clients include Booking, Facebook, Rabobank, and Shell. Interested? Feel free to contact us.
    temporary rental - rental as investment

    Rental agent Amsterdam: for temporary rental / investment

    Have you just bought a second home? Or are you moving abroad? Then you don’t have to worry about your property standing empty. Through Inter Immo, you can temporarily rent out your property. You’ll benefit from maximum rental income and reliable tenants. We’ll take care of the rest and remain your point of contact throughout the rental period!
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    I want to rent out my home. How does it work?​

    Rent out your house in 5 steps

    Renting out your house or apartment in Amsterdam? Our agents know better than anyone how to handle this process professionally. It’s always good to know what to expect. At Inter Immo, we stand for transparency and clear lines of communication. You won’t face any surprises. Neither in costs nor in methodology! Feel free to read about our approach.

    5 steps to rental

    Your rental agent in Amsterdam is rated a 9.6. Discover why.

    Ask your question here, we will contact you within 24 hours

      Frequently asked questions about renting out your house:

      Yes, it is possible to rent out your property as an expat if you leave the Netherlands. The rental market in the Netherlands is very interesting to invest in. We can fully guide and assist you in renting out your property. However, there are important regulations or considerations that you need to take into account.

      Mortgage Conditions: If you have a mortgage, you should first check whether you can rent out your property according to the terms of the mortgage provider. Many mortgage contracts have a clause that prohibits renting without the explicit permission of the mortgage provider. 

      Permission from the Association of Owners (VvE): If you own an apartment, there may be a rule from the Association of Owners (VvE) regarding rental. Many VvEs have rules about renting apartments to prevent the majority of a building from being rented, which can affect the liveability and value of the apartments.

      Municipal Regulation: Every municipality in the Netherlands has its own rules regarding rental. It is not allowed in all municipalities to rent out your property without permission, especially when it comes to vacation rental forms such as Airbnb. Often you must first apply for a permit.

      Tax Implications: If you rent out your property, this can have tax consequences. The rental income and changes in the value of the property can affect your taxable income in box 1 or box 3 of the Dutch tax system. You can ask your tax advisor what the consequences of renting out will be for you. 

      Tenant Protection: In the Netherlands, tenants build up rights. It can sometimes be difficult to remove a tenant from your property if you decide to return or use the property for another purpose. It is very important in the Netherlands to establish a clear rental contract that complies with the law and regulations, but also takes into account your interests.
      The rental agents know the rules thoroughly and can advise you well on this.

      If a candidate shows interest after a viewing, they must provide a comprehensive list of required documents. This enables us to carefully assess the candidate’s financial position.

      We verify whether the candidate meets the income requirement, using various tools for this purpose. To reach a reliable assessment, we conduct several checks, including employer verification, credit checks (BKR), municipal and Client Due Diligence checks.

      We also verify and authenticate the submitted documents. Based on our methodology, expertise, and experience, we select a reliable candidate and present them to you. Of course, you have the final say in selecting the definitive tenant.

      Inter Immo has over 25+ years of experience in selecting and screening tenants, ensuring that thorough screenings are conducted meticulously.

      Certainly, both are possible. The reason for renting out a house or apartment varies.

      With Inter Immo, you can rent out your house temporarily. For instance, if you are going abroad, you can do so with peace of mind, as we remain the point of contact for your tenant. Renting out a (second) home as a real estate investment is also possible with us.

      We have extensive experience in this area and can provide excellent guidance. We are well-versed in laws and regulations and will use this knowledge to your advantage.

      Yes, you certainly do. After the viewings, we make a selection and present candidates to you. Ultimately, you decide who to rent your apartment to.

      Tenancy law is a mandatory law, meaning you cannot deviate from existing legislation to the detriment of the tenant. Therefore, a good lease agreement is always legally valid. Inter Immo works with a derivative of the standard ROZ model. This includes all important articles. Based on our knowledge and experience, we also include various (legally valid) articles to protect the landlord. Thus, not only the tenant, but also the landlord is well protected and covered. Since we offer tailored services, we also incorporate any specific wishes and requirements of the landlord into the lease agreement, always in line with existing legislation. By drafting a clear lease agreement, we prevent potential disputes later on.

      Yes, when renting out your house or apartment in Amsterdam, you will have a consistent point of contact. We value personal contact and involvement. A single person who knows all the ins and outs of your wishes and property ensures clear communication and minimal confusion.

      Inter Immo drafts rental agreements that provide good protection for landlords against potential damages. Although it’s rare, we still work with a security deposit. We will discuss the amount with you, so you certainly have a say in it. The deposit is transferred to you. If any damage is caused, you can deduct the repair costs from the deposit.

      Before handing over the property to the tenant, we will prepare a detailed inspection report. The state of the property is recorded in this report. The inspection report is supplemented with a series of photos of the property before it was rented out. You receive the inspection report and are required to sign for it. This helps to avoid any misunderstandings concerning the property.

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      Any questions? Our rental agent in Amsterdam is ready to help you today!​

      Ilse is happy to help you