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Real estate agent Amsterdam

Relocating to a new country brings its own set of challenges, and understanding the local property market is often one of them. At Inter Immo, we’re committed to simplifying this process for expats coming to Amsterdam. With over 25 years in the field, we’re experts in the Amsterdam housing market. Our real estate agents focus on direct communication: understanding your housing preferences, guiding you through local regulations and addressing any financial queries related to buying a home in Amsterdam.

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What do you need help with?

Since 1998, our full-service agency has assisted expats and internationals who wish to sell, purchase, rent out, buy, or lease a property. Your real estate agent in Amsterdam is happy to assist you!

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3 advantages of your real estate agent in Amsterdam

1. Local knowledge and experience

The housing market in Amsterdam is complex. Every street and neighbourhood is unique, and each requires its own approach. We know all about that. That’s why we offer custom services. Knowledge of complicated matters – such as leasehold – is essential. With our experience, high involvement, and decisiveness, we make the difference: in both price and terms.
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3 advantages of your real estate agent in Amsterdam​

2. Certified VBO real estate agent

Your real estate agent in Amsterdam is VBO certified. So if you’re looking for the highest quality, you need to visit us. In addition to our technical and legal knowledge, our added value lies in experience, particularly in the areas of networking and negotiations. We make just the difference. Just ask our previous clients, who rate us with a 9.6.

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3 advantages of your real estate agent in Amsterdam​

3. Personal attention

We value our customer relationships. Our personal approach is reflected throughout the entire process. Involved, responsive, and transparent. We guide you from A to Z: from viewings and appraisal to the notary. Our goal: to make the impossible possible. We are only satisfied when you are. Experience our top service for yourself.

We help you get started in Amsterdam

Our aim is to make your transition to an Amsterdam home as straightforward as possible. Let Inter Immo be your trusted partner in this journey.

Ask your question, we will be ready to help you within 24 hours.

    Why do expats choose Inter immo as your real estate agent in Amsterdam?

    We help you get started in Amsterdam

    "We happily go the extra mile for our international clients. For first time buyers in Amsterdam, or expats leaving the city and looking to sell their house. "Martin, real estate agent Meet our team”

    Martin, real estate agent

    Frequently asked questions for our real estate agents in Amsterdam.

    Rental price Amsterdam:
    The prices of rental properties in Amsterdam vary widely, ranging from approximately 1,250 to 5,000 euros. You should expect an average of 20 to 40 euros per square meter. The rental price depends on the location, the furnishing of the property, and the neighbourhood in which the property is situated.
    Source rental (Pararius)

    Home ownership:
    Purchase prices in Amsterdam vary as well. The price averages between 6,000 and 15,000 euros per square meter (Funda). Here too, the location, the furnishing of the property, and the neighbourhood play a significant role. If a property is particularly appealing, there may even be the case of a bidding war. In close consultation with you, we will advise you on whether the property in Amsterdam is worth your investment, including with an eye to the future.

    In Amsterdam, there are various interesting districts, each with their own advantages and unique characteristics. Based on your preferences and family composition, together we will devise on which district suits you best. Depending on whether you’re a renter or buyer with children, a different type of housing and neighbourhood may be more appropriate. In such cases, we will pay more attention to factors such as schools and the size of the home.

    As a tenant, you are free to set up your preferred gas, water, and electricity utilities. However, we can assist you with this as well. As an expat, we understand you may have some difficulty, so feel free to take advantage of our service to set up these utilities for you.

    Home ownership:
    As a homeowner, you are free to set up your preferred gas, water and electricity utilities yourself. But you can also choose to take advantage of our service. We will then arrange the entire set up of these utilities for you. Please communicate your preferences with us. No additional costs are associated with this.

    In Amsterdam, it’s very common to travel by public transportation. As such, the public transit system (in Dutch: openbaar vervoer or OV) is quite extensive and efficient, often being much cheaper than traveling by car. In Amsterdam, public transport includes trams, metros, buses, ferries, and trains. This will depend on where you are going to live.


    Types of public transportation in Amsterdam:

    – Trams: Amsterdam has an extensive tram network that serves many parts of the city and some surrounding areas. Trams are often the fastest way to get around within the city.

    – Metro: There are several metro lines serving both the centre of Amsterdam and the suburbs, as well as nearby cities like Amstelveen.

    – Buses: Buses serve both the city centre and the suburbs, as well as other cities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

    – Ferries: you will use ferries if you live in Amsterdam-Noord or travel there for work, for example.

    – Trains: Trains run throughout the country, but you can also travel by train within Amsterdam. There are several train stations in Amsterdam, which often allow for quicker arrival at your destination.

    On, you can plan your journey in advance and check how to reach your destination.

    Best real estate agent in Amsterdam, voted by our customers:

    testimonials buyers
    "The employees of Inter Immo have done more than what I expected on all fronts and have negotiated a good price and taken a lot of work off my hands. As an expat the service they give is priceless."
    Dave & Shannon
    Testimonial of nicolay
    "Contact with Inter Immo is good, they are very communicative and proactive in providing advice. The knowledge of the local market is high, they are fast and accurate. I would do business with them again without a doubt."
    verhuurmakelaar amsterdam - verhuurder - Gerald
    “I sold my house in Amsterdam South through Inter immo. And that was the best choice I could make. Inter immo really assisted me with advice and assistance. Extremely satisfied and highly recommended!”

    Questions about buying or selling your house in Amsterdam?

    Please ask your question here. We'll answer within 24 hours.

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      Your real estate agent in Amsterdam that guarantees results

      For over 25 years, we have assisted 10,000 customers in achieving a successful sale. Our goal: to make the impossible possible for our clients. With the best service and a smile on our face. We are happy to go the extra mile. Discover for yourself why we have been rated with a 9.6. And start your own sales process today. Your real estate agent in Amsterdam is ready to support you.

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