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Rental Agent Amsterdam: we find your dream house

Looking for a house, but always missing out? Your rental agent in Amsterdam makes possible which most homeseekers can’t achieve on their own. Thanks to our network, we are able to find rental houses within 4 weeks, ensuring you have access to homes that don’t directly come on the market. Increase your chances with Inter Immo Real Estate Agents. Rated 9.6.

Your rental agent in Amsterdam can find your dream house within 4 weeks.​


A rental house in 4 weeks

Our promise is that we will find your dream house within 4 weeks. Even in this current tight housing market.

Large network in Amsterdam

We have a large network that you can benefit from. And you get access to houses that are not marketed online.


25+ of experience and VBO certified

With 25+ years of experience, we know our profession like no other, and apply this to find your rental dream house.

Why choose Inter Immo as your rental agent?

1. Increase your chances with our rental agent

As you know, it’s a tight housing market we’re currently in. Renting a house becomes a lot easier with an experienced rental agent. We actively search for a suitable property. We’ve been doing this for 25 years. In 98% of cases, we find a house to your liking in just 4 to 8 weeks. We often do so through our own network; our colleague agents consider us a safe and reliable partner. There’s a reason why we’re rated a 9.6!

increase your chances woth rental agent amsterdam
how does a rental agent work

Our rental agents make the impossible possible

How does a rental agent work?

First, we will discuss your housing wishes. Then our search for a suitable rental property begins. Not only will we use our network, but we also have a wide range of properties ourselves. We will also guide you during viewings, assist with negotiations and represent your interests. We provide support from A to Z. Even after the key handover, we are ready to answer all your questions!

Your purchase agent creates opportunities

Acces to view a rental house first

In Amsterdam, it can often take a long time to find a property that meets your needs. Even though there may be a lot of interested parties, we make sure you can view the property. In fact, we allow you to view the property while it is not yet marketed online. This saves the landlord time thanks to the preliminary work we have done: a win-win situation! Furthermore, we also have a wide range of rental properties directly available.

acces to not online marketed properties

Your rental agent goes the extra mile that is necessary so you can rent your dream house. What we do:

Selling a property and then renting a house

Planning to sell your house and therefore looking for a place to live? We can arrange both for you! We are one of the few full-service real estate agencies. If you plan to buy a house after renting, we can help you with that too. We have all kinds of expertise!
review huurder aanhuurmakelaar
“I rented a house through Inter Immo for a year. And have been working with them for much longer. Very helpful, friendly and easy to reach. I am a satisfied customer! Thank you for being a great help to me."
klant Bas - aanhuurmakelaar Amsterdam
“Inter immo has found our first rental house. We were so happy after 1 year of searching ourselves. We still enjoy living there. And I can still contact Inter Immo anytime with questions."
Bas & Sandra
James - huurder in amsterdam - aankoopmakelaar
I had to move from my old apartment and just couldn't find a home on my own in Amsterdam. I had tried for so long. Until my ex neighbor told me about Inter Immo. They were really helpful and I want to thank them so much.
rental agent merel

Any questions about renting an apartment in Amsterdam?

Merel is happy to help you!

Frequently asked questions for renting a property.


Yes, our sales agents in Amsterdam are VBO certified. What does ‘VBO certified agent’ mean? We are continuously tested on our professional knowledge. Therefore, you are assured of quality and reliability. Our service is guaranteed by the VBO professional and ethical code. Our actions are also overseen by an independent Disciplinary Court for real estate offices. 

As a tenant, you have the option to arrange your own gas, water, and electricity supply. However, we can assist you with this as well. We understand that this can be difficult as an expat, so you can use our service to have these utilities transferred to your name.  Purchase: As a buyer, you have the choice to transfer gas, water, and electricity to your own name yourself. But you can also choose to use our service. We will then arrange the transfer of the utilities for you. You can freely communicate your preferences to us, and there are no extra costs associated with this.

Your real estate agent will translate all communications so that everything is clear and transparent for you. The contract will also be translated. You can only agree if you are aware of the content. We will, of course, take this into account.

In Amsterdam, there are various interesting districts, each with their own advantages and unique characteristics. Based on your preferences and family composition, we will look together to see which districts suit you best. For renters or buyers with children, a different type of housing and neighbourhood may be more appropriate. In such cases, we pay more attention to factors such as schools and the size of the home, compared to an expat living alone. 

Want free tailor-made advice? Get to know us and schedule in an appointment. You can call us on: 020-3317567.