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Experiences from our landlords:

A colleague told me about the housing agency of Inter Immo. I allready had a temporary house in Almere arranged for my by my employer, but I was looking for something bigger for me and my family. In my home country they have other rules regarding renting a house. Inter Immo agency provided me with their knowledge and right skills. Inter Immo realizes that it may be difficult to arrange housing in a city that you don’t know yet. Because of the experience with foreigners, you knew exactly what I expected. It was a great cooperation.

Family Jones

For my career as a freelancer I have to travel a lot. I got an offer to work in Dubai for one year. So I had to leave Almere. I own a house in Holland and to cover the costs in Holland I wanted to rent out my house. But I didn’t found a good and reliable tenant and I didn’t had a lot of time because I was leaving in two months. I heard about Inter Immo and after that I made an appointment. Inter Immo found a tenant for me in a very short term. Thank you for that! Greetings from Dubai.


six years ago I offered my apartment in Almere for sale because I bought something else with my girlfriend. Selling my apartment was very difficult. There were no buyers so my house was tenantless. When one of my neighbors advised me to rent out my apartment, I was not so sure if  renting my apartment was a good idea. A reliable and decent tenant is a must. Inter Immo did such a good job with the selection of tenants. Now I have had three different tenants and they were all good.  Currently I do still use the good services of your rental agency and I am very happy with it.



Renting an apartment  or house in Almere is not easy. Especially when you’re an expat. I came to Holland for my work. At the beginning I was a little bit afraid because I didn´t know how long it would take to find myself a house. Then my boss told me about your agency. I saw a lot of houses for rent. Within  two weeks everything was arranged. I am still very happy with the house that you have found for me. 


A few years ago I bought a house villa in Almere. But I lost my job after 3 years, so I had to sell my house villa. Unfortunately I could not sell my house because of the economic crisis. I decided to rent my villa. It was a great solution for my problems. Inter Immo housing agency helped me with the creative and innovative approach. 


Due to a difficult divorce, I