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Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

It is not necessary to register to respond to our listings for rental properties.

Usually a fixed gross income of at least 3 times the rental amount is required. For self-employed people, the company must have access to a minimum of 2 years and look at taxable income in the past 2 years. This will be on average at least 3 times the rent amount per month. If your situation is different, you can always contact us to discuss the possibilities.

We do not work with waiting lists. We work on a first come first served basis. Of course, after screening the documents and approval from the landlord.

It’s best to give us a call. You can also respond via our website. We will call you back as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

Below is a list of documents that we expect to receive in most cases. This can sometimes be subject to exceptions in certain cases:

If you are employed:
– Copy valid ID;
– Copy payslips of the past 3 months;
– Employers’ declaration/employment contract;
– Copy of bank statement with the current address where the wages have been paid out;
– Excerpt from the municipality where you are now registered;
– BKR declaration.

If you are self-employed:
– Copy of valid ID;
– Annual returns the last 2 years;
– Income tax return;
– Registration Chamber of Commerce (KvK);
– Copy of bank statement with the current address where the income is paid out;
– Excerpt from the municipality where you are now registered
– BKR declaration.

This may differ per property. Many owners like to rent for a minimum of 12 months, but sometimes there is also a minimum rental period of 6 months possible.

Usually a deposit of 1 month’s rent is required. In some cases it may also be necessary to pay a higher deposit.

The rent prices are always excluding gas/water/electricity.

It is sometimes possible for a family member to stand as guarantor if your own income is insufficient. To discuss these possibilities you can contact us.

Written by letter, preferably sent in registered form.

Almost all homes rented by Inter Immo fall outside the required limits for rent allowance. For rent under 710.68 euro (2017), rent allowance can be requested.
Whether you qualify for rent allowance depends on various aspects such as age, rental price, income and capital. On the website you can find more information and you can make a test calculation.

No registration fees will be charged. Everyone can view and respond to offers free of charge.

The walls and floors will then be finished. In many cases there will also be window coverings.

If a property is furnished, the (most) items will be available that are necessary to live in the house. Think of a sofa, bed, closet etc. Always ask for the inventory list so that you know in advance what items will be available in the rental property. One house is sometimes offered more complete than others.

Contact us to discuss your specific situation. Perhaps it is possible to rent with a higher deposit or a family member’s guarantee.

Property defects are solved by the landlords themselves if this is the responsibility of the landlord. Some (small) issues must be solved by the tenant. In case of doubt, you can always contact us.

Inter Immo is affiliated with the VBO branch organisation.

You can make an appointment for free with one of our rental property agents. Our agent will explain to you exactly how the process works and what rental price you can expect. An appointment can be arranged by telephone or by email.

Our agent will be happy to assist you with a valuation and explanation of our services. An appointment can be arranged by telephone or by email.

Changes are often allowed only in agreement with the landlord. In order to avoid any unnecessary discussions upon the transfer of the property, please contact the landlord. before a change is made.

We’re Here to Help!

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