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Buy a house in Amsterdam. A simple sentence for a deceptively difficult task. The question: ‘how to buy a house in Amsterdam’, is therefore not easily answered. In fact, finding the right kind of property that suits all your needs will inevitably prove to be as hard as selling property in Amsterdam. First of all it is difficult to find suitable property, that fulfills your requirements, and second, it is even harder to get a this property at your desired price. How much to buy a house in Amsterdam is it then, you might ask? Since Amsterdam is one of the most desired places to live in you might soon realize that finding the perfect property can be quite hard.

Financial and legal concerns when you buy a house in Amsterdam

When you do find the property of your liking for the perfect price, then the financial and the legal matters have to be resolved. These matters are often quite a bit more difficult than expected. Thus when you have decided for instance to buy a house in the Jordaan in Amsterdam, or in Amsterdam-Oost, or another desired location in this city, a helping hand from experts in the field could provide just the assistance you need. Inter Immo Brokers are ready to provide this helping hand! We will guide you during the whole process of finding and purchasing the property of your desire. Assuring a successful procedure.

Inter Immo real estate agency helps you buy a house in Amsterdam

Inter Immo Brokers helps finding the sought after property in Amsterdam. With more than 12 years’ experience and specialized knowledge in the field of valuations and mortgages. We will provide you with personal and professional guidance through the real estate market of Amsterdam. Our specific and defining methods consist of:

  • Determining living requirements together
  • Searching for your perfect property based on your preferences
  • Assessing the structural condition of the property
  • Supervising during viewings of potential properties in Amsterdam
  • Valuation of potential new property
  • Negotiating the price
  • Making an appointment with solicitor
  • Eventually: The transfer of property

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    Houses for sale in Amsterdam

    Each year we mediate a large amount of houses for sale in Amsterdam. Are you the one searching for such a house? Browse thorough our daily updated houses for sale database!

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    Our people cannot wait to get into contact with you and assist you. We therefore gladly invite you to fill in our contact form, which is to be found below. If you are so inclined it is also possible to contact us by e-mailing to, or directly via our telephone number 020 − 33 17 567. Choose for Inter Immo the specialists in Amsterdam real estate!

    Real estate property for sale in Amsterdam

    Each year we mediate a large amount of real estate property for sale in Amsterdam. Here you can browse through our property database, wherein all the available real estate in Amsterdam is brought together and assorted by price. It therefore constitutes a perfect way to start your search for the real estate property of your liking. This could be real estate in the city’s center, in Amsterdam-West, -Oost, -Zuid, or outside the so called ‘ring’, in neighborhoods like Geuzenveld, or the lovely Buitenveldert. The decision is yours, but rest assured the brokers from Inter Immo are there to assist you.

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