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Selling your house? We would like to advise you on making the right decision.

You would like to sell your property quickly and at the highest possible price. Understandable. But, of course, the buyer does not want to pay too much. Negotiations regarding the asking price are therefore unavoidable. Negotiating in itself is a skill. With our many years of experience in selling houses, we gladly welcome you to take the load off your shoulders. Much like wrapping up the administrative and legal proceedings.

Why call upon Inter Immo?

Putting your home up for sale is more complex than you think. In addition to determining the sales strategy and conducting negotiations on the selling price, there are other important issues that need to be settled. Consider the administrative and legal mess, such as the purchase agreement, the solicitor and the transfer.

If you choose Inter Immo, you are guaranteed an expert real estate agent who will take care of all these matters for you. A partner who offers guidance, advice and is personally available to answer all your questions.

Our method:

If you choose us we work as follows:

  • We register your property for sale and make a valuation;
  • Based on the valuation we recommend the asking price;
  • We then determine the sales strategy and promotional activities;
  • Viewings take place under our supervision;
  • Potential buyer for your home? We negotiate the asking price at your request;
  • Bid accepted for your house? We take care of the purchase agreement and the signature;
  • Before transferring to the solicitor, we conduct a final inspection round with the buyer;
  • All done? Then it’s time to sign the deed with the solicitor. We also attend the meeting.

You can still come to us with your questions or for advice following the transfer.

Feel free to contact us for more information!